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About Us

Hi, we’re Robyn and Jean, the proud co-owners of and passionate teachers at Juniors at Play. With a combined teaching experience of 22 years, we have always shared a passion for teaching and developing early childhood skills. The ultimate reward is watching the growth of a young child throughout the school year, as unique interests, aptitudes and friendships develop. Working together at two previous schools, our dream has always been to open up our own pre-school, where our teaching talents, professionalism and creativity could work together to create a caring and engaging educational environment. In 2018, this dream became a reality.

We are both parents to young children, giving us a dual perspective on the school and home environment. With only your child’s best interests at heart, we have an acute understanding of the pressures and stresses that surround young children nowadays. At Juniors at Play, we strive to create an environment where children can get that extra love and attention, can have fun, make lasting friendships and quite simply, can just be children.

Our classes are small so we can have more time to focus on developing the individual skills of your child, as well as time for one on one attention and relationship building. To add, we also have plenty of space for children to run, play and explore.

We learn while exploring
We learn when it’s pouring
We learn whilst doing art
And everyone loves to take part
We learn through play
This is the best part of the day!
We love to sing and groove
And show our funky moves
We learn by messing away
Through a fun & tactile day!